“On 7-19-2015, I had a stroke at only 31 years old, which unfortunately led to me having a craniotomy. We do not have control over what happens to us in life, what we have control over is our response to what happened to us. I went through the dark underbelly of rehab and managed to get all of my abilities back. Excepts for the scar on my brain, neuro-fatigue and headaches. I found out about 2.5 years later. I started treatments to try and get rid of the scar tissue on my brain and the headaches. Post stroke I would get sharp electoral type surges in the scar on my brain, but miraculously, treatments have stopped those from reoccurring!!! I now maintain treatment at Phoenix Thera-Lase. I get 1-4 treatments a month. The first month I got 3 treatments a week. The next month I went down to 2 a week and the following month, I got down to once a month. I even skipped the month of August when my son started school back. I’ve been getting treatments for 9 months now. I just keep the visits maintained. I go at least once a month, but preferably twice a month. Getting laser treatment is so relaxing.”

Cristal Hurst

“The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems therapy has been surprisingly effective. I have had laser therapy in the past with marginal results. This was a completely different experience. Let me preface this by telling you that I received multiple injuries in my 17 year career as a professional combat athlete. The most severe was a neck injury. I had a C5 and C6 vertebrae fused in 2011 and have disintegrating discs above and below the fusion. The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems laser therapy has reduced the symptoms of pain, numbness and weakness in my left and right arm a great deal, allowing me to pick up my training level significantly. The Phoenix Thera-lase has allowed me to avoid surgery and bet back to an even more active life than I had previously.”

Guy Mezger HHP, PhD

5x World Champion

“To whom it may concern,
My name is William Buskirk. I have spent a total of approx. $30,000.00 throughout the past seven years on a spine injury sustained in 2009. I have seen four different physicians, two different physical therapists, and two different chiropractors on repeated occasions to cure my ailment. I was denied basic services such as x-rays and MRIs, both of which I eventually paid for in full out of pocket along with root canals and other expensive medical procedures while covered by private health insurance under a United Healthcare plan every time. I have been offered little more than drugs and suggestions on diet and exercise by the physicians, one of whom admitted intentional refusal to acknowledge notes written on my medical record by the physical therapist to her stating the necessity of an actual diagnosis. The x-rays and MRI taken from my independent source showed undeniable evidence of gross negligence and because of this I will eventually need surgery. However, for now relief comes in the form of chiropractor and laser therapy treatments which have been unbelievably successful. After one treatment the pain subsided significantly. After a week of intensive treatments the pain and stiffness were gone for weeks. I stopped going to the chiropractor all together and it wasn’t for another month that I needed an adjustment. The most recent laser therapy treatment was last week which left me feeling like it will be months before I need another one. The whole experience has given me renewed faith in my abilities to overcome this ailment and enjoy life as I used to. The Phoenix Thera-[Lase] system is a marvel of modern medical technology.”

William Buskirk


“My name is Joe Sorrells and I am 36 years old. I have several friends and family that have benefited from the laser treatment. What interested me is that I had heard that the laser could help with scars. I have had back surgery three times and I had a large scar that I was very self-conscious about.

Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems has almost completely eliminated the scar from back. I will always be appreciative on the confidence that I have received from having the scar removed.”

Joe Sorrells


“My name is Kathy Sorrells and I am 67 years old. In 2011, I fell and broke my left humerus. After 16 weeks of rehab, my arm still had a great deal of pain and I had very limited range of motion. The PT in rehab said he had done all he could and suggested seeing a shoulder specialist. The shoulder specialist informed me I needed shoulder replacement. He said there was too much scar tissue and arthritis in the break area and the shoulder for it to ever get better without a replacement. I greatly feared shoulder replacement, because of the results some people were having – where there was no improvement post replacement. I had heard about some ‘laser’ treatment helping someone with arthritis, and I was willing to try anything. I called Phoenix Thera-Lase that day and began treatment the next day. The treatment itself was so pleasant; I thought I could feel a difference immediately. After 6 treatments, however, the difference was really noticeable, and I continued treatment 7 more visits. Before treatment I had been unable to touch my right upper arm with my left hand, I could not reach my hair with my left hand, I could not touch my left and right hands behind my back, pain made it extremely difficult to sleep, etc. Now I can comb my hair, reach my right arm with my left arm, hold my hands behind my back and sleep without pain. I am forever grateful to Phoenix Thera-Lase for my much improved quality of life.”

Kathy Sorrells


“In Sept. 2010 I had a rare type of stroke that paralyzed my right side. After over a year extensive physical therapy, 3 times per week, I was able to walk with a walker but was quite impaired and unable to care for myself. In Nov. 2011, I had a total hip replacement on the left side, and in 2012, I had 2 back surgeries, one of which lasted 11 hrs. Of course, every area of my life changed. I had to learn how to live all over again at over 60 years old. In late Feb. 2013, I was introduced to Thera-Lase & have averaged 2-3 treatments per week since. The results are absolutely nothing short of a MIRACLE. One treatment on my terribly arthritic, crooked, aching fingers and there has been no pain or stiffness since. I am able to walk with no help and most of the time no limp, and most of all, no pain ! I am now able to care for my home, enjoy my husband, work in my yard, enjoy the outdoors, and I have a social life again. I wish I could tell everyone how wonderful this treatment is. It has totally changed my life for the better. My thanks to all of the wonderful staff members that continue to make my life better. My sincere thanks to PHOENIX THERA-LASE.”

Rita Cooper

Garland, TX

My name is John Scott and am 63 years old. Some friends at church recommended Phoenix Thera-lase as they saw me hobbling around on my arthritic left knee. And “hobble“ was the correct term! After my first treatment I was feeling relief and a better range of motion. I kept asking myself if the result I was having was real or if I were simply trying to talk myself into the results because I was wanting so badly for something to help with the chronic swelling and pain. I had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, injections, and physical therapy…. All with indifferent or very temporary results. I actually had an appointment to talk to a surgeon about total knee replacement. After about a dozen treatments I had cancelled my surgeon’s appointment. I could walk 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and then over an hour at a local park–without pain. The swelling in my knee had noticeably decreased. Of course there is no magical cure for arthritis, but my friends and family all notice how much more at ease I am as I walk and climb stairs. These results have lasted over three months now and I have not needed any more treatments. Thank you my friends at Phoenix Thera-lase!

John Scott


“I had an open incision from a surgery eleven weeks ago that would not heal. The incision was just not healing at all, and in fact was getting worse and I was getting very concerned. This was a result of stiches being taken out too soon after a procedure. A friend of mine told me about Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems cold laser thearpy, and suggested I setup some appointment, and I am so glad I did! The results were incredible. Within 3 treatments, the would has completely closed, and I am thrilled. The staff has been extremely helpful, provided great information, and I was very comfortable during the treatments. I would and I am recommending this cold laser therapy to many of my friends.”

Betty Cosgrove